We are the company we keep

To make the Ditto Hanger more accessible to retailers and logistics programs, Ditto has built foundational strategic partnerships with world-renowned businesses devoted to help shift major brands towards a more sustainable standard. Our strategic partner has joined with Ditto SBS to make the Ditto Hangers the industry standard for intelligent, effective, and ecological displays.

Meet Nexgen Packaging.

Nexgen Packaging

Nexgen Packaging was founded with the goal of providing customers with the highest quality packaging products by leveraging software and analytics in the design and manufacturing processes. Since its inception in 2006, Nexgen has become a global leader in the tag and label industry offering a complete portfolio of apparel branding products, variable data products, and other packaging solutions. We focus exclusively on retail, apparel, and footwear brands, and our success is directly linked to our core software offerings.

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