The World’s First Sustainable Hanger

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Founded in 2006, Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions is the industry leader in designing sustainable, responsibly manufactured retail hangers, proven in retail stores around the world. Our materials are certified high-recycled content, 100% recyclable, compostable, and non-toxic alternatives engineered to replace toxic, unrecyclable, expensive, and wasteful plastic, acrylic, wood, and bamboo products. Ditto SBS is a global company with manufacturing capabilities in strategic regions around the world. We specialize in Garment On Hanger (GOH) programs as well as long-term in-store use.

Our Mission

Everything we do affects nature’s balance: what we make, what we use, and what we dispose of. At Ditto SBS , our mission is to bring intelligently designed and environmentally conceived displays to the store platform. We pledge to find the best possible solution to solve some of industry’s most vexing environmental problems while increasing a company’s logistic efficiencies and brand penetration. Most of all, we are optimistic about the future and believe industry can and must provide leadership in conserving natural resources and taking responsibility for “closing the loop” on products.

“The world is rapidly shrinking. So are our resources. The need is now to create products that are less burdensome on the environment, that are engineered intelligently for use and reuse. Ditto is committed to this vision--and we do it beautifully as well!”

– CEO/Founder Gary Barker

“We must now design around the reuse and afterlife of a product as much as the functionality and appearance. We are responsible for the next generation and the decisions we make now will make a lasting effect.”

– Senior Designer Michael Low

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