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Ditto & OIA Global go Live with Garments on Ditto!

Garments On Ditto reinvents shipping, marketing and retailing clothing for the retail world.

July 24, 2015

OIA Global, the leading provider of worldwide logistics, packaging, and materials sourcing and green product design company and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions have announced a joint marketing agreement creating an innovative program for shipping and retailing called Garments on Ditto.

This breakthrough program ships garments far more efficiently and will allow retailers to replace the billions of one-use, virgin plastic hangers now going into landfills every year. Steve Akre, OIA’s EVP of Business Development said “retailers can reduce shipping and warehousing costs up to 20% and achieve significant sustainability advances using the Garments on Ditto program.”

Garments on Ditto is a truly industry-changing program that eliminates the wasteful and toxic trend of shipping clothing on plastic retail hangers and replacing them with a sustainable and recyclable alternative providing multiple benefits such as:

• More Sustainable/Efficient Shipping: Up to 20% more efficient with savings in all shipping costs.

• More Sales per Retail Square Foot: Up to 50% more garments hung in retail stores.

• More Marketing Add-0ns: 100% more marketing value with branding, messaging and QR codes that go home with the consumer.

• Zero Waste: 100% recyclable either at the retail store or in consumers' curbside recycling programs.

• 100% Nontoxic: Soy-based inks and starch-based adhesives – no heavy metals, chlorine, or formaldehyde.

Ditto’s innovations team worked closely with OIA Global to design a program that proved Garments on Ditto significantly reduces the cost of shipping at every step of the logistics chain, from overseas clothing manufacturer to retail sales to disposal of the hanger at the store. And the program brings with it a previously unheard of ability to market and communicate with consumers in new and exciting ways.

Key to this program is the Ditto Hanger, made from 100% recycled paper fiberboard. Tested for over 8 years in retail stores around the world, the Ditto Hanger is extremely durable, has marketing and retail benefits not possible with plastic hangers and is 100% recyclable anywhere.

For the last 30 years more and more companies are shipping clothing to the United States on single-use, plastic hangers in a program called “Garments on Hangers” (GOH). Studies have shown that 85% of all retail plastic hangers are thrown out at the store level, resulting in a staggering 34 billion plastic hangers going into landfills annually (enough to fill 19.6 Empire State Buildings). That translates to 19.4 million virgin plastic retail hangers being thrown away at stores across the country every day.

“Most people think those plastic hangers in stores are used over and over again.”, said Ditto’s founder and CEO, Gary Barker. “In Garments on Hanger programs, the plastic hanger is put on the clothing overseas and shipped to the store in the US. Once the garment is sold, there’s no reuse for the plastic hanger, so into the dumpster it goes.

“We were able to show that this cheap, single-use plastic hanger isn’t as cheap as we thought, actually costing almost 10 cents more per garment to ship, including the remarkable 3-cent cost to dispose of each plastic hanger – retailers are paying a premium to send tons of plastic to our landfills.” With cost savings like this, and the additional marketing and retail benefits, Garments on Ditto not only costs less, but is good for the environment as well.

“We consider the Garments on Ditto program a good example of solving major problems by simply being smarter in the way products and systems are designed.”

The Garments on Ditto program launches in August 2015.

Contact Gary Barker at 510.261.7343 or gbarker@garmentsonditto.com

Garments on Ditto is a innovations partnership with OIA Global and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.

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