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Adidas hangers

GAP | Concept Store

Concept Design – Hangers and Accessory Bins
Rebrand communication
Sustainability initiative
Long term display use


Red Hanger
Redefining the store experience, the GAP wanted a new connection with their customer. The redesign featured new, open spaces; a living window of see-through displays; a freeform artistic runway; and a surround concept instead of a partition layout. Using natural materials the GAP wanted an immersing environment including an innovative treatment of all their displays to lower the barriers and reconnect.


The GAP contracted Ditto to compliment their new concept branding. Ditto designed a distinctive black paper GAP display with subtle clear varnish branding. The new Ditto Displays reflected the look of their old wood hangers, yet designed to emphasize the new material.

Ditto also created RED Displays for Sale items. The GAP is one of the first companies to take advantage of the color potential of the Ditto Display. The color coding of the Displays allow the GAP customer to quickly identify items for sale, transforming the hanger into a communication device and doing away with unnecessary signage.

In addition, Ditto eliminated the old, wasteful and toxic acrylic countertop display bins by redesigning them to be made of the same material as the Ditto Displays. The modular tab design of the boxes can be shipped and stored flat and assembled into different sizes and shapes. Produced in both black and red for sale items, the accessory bins are easily taken apart and stored in the storage rooms. The GAP realized a substantial savings over the acrylic display bins and eliminated the toxic waste of throwing them out after each season.

GAP’s Comments:

“The hanger totally transformed the store”
—Daniel Pelosi | GAP Creative Director
“They speak to the consumer about the environment in a non-corporate way. They love it.”
—Andrew Cooper | GAP Stylist
The Ditto Display design for the GAP was a major component of the brand redesign. The Ditto Display throughout the store was a powerful, yet subtle message about the change happening at the GAP. “Our new branding is about communication. We don’t have to scream to get our point across.” Said Andrew Cooper, GAP Stylist at the Glendale store. “People are unsure, but once they see it’s made of recycled material they really love it.” The redesigned Accessory Bins are particularly successful and they are ordering more for throughout the store. Better communication with the customer and significant savings over wood hangers and accessory bins. “We’re very happy with the results.”, said Daniel Pelosi, Creative Director for the GAP.

New York store Caption New York store Caption New York store Caption New York store Caption

Adidas SLVR Store Displays | New York City | Paris

Concept Design
Brand enhancement
Sustainability initiative


Adidas storefront
Adidas needed displays in their New York City and Paris stores for their sustainably designed SLVR line. The Adidas SLVR line uses sustainable cotton and soybean fabric and features innovative designs like the “zero waste T”. Program was to design displays that complimented the SLVR sustainability philosophy of Simplicity / Perfection / Innovation / Purity


Ditto designed 100% recycled paper 17” Ziggurat Display, 15” Clip Display and UNI sandal hanger. The Ziggurat features 1” wide shoulders made from stacking paper elipses which reflect the Adidas high style concept.


The design was awarded the Silver Award for ecodesign from the prestigious International SPARKS competition and mentioned in review of Adidas SLVR NYC store by The New York Times.
Ditto’s unified the display design for Acorn across many product categories left: Acorn’s previous display, right: Ditto display for Acorn Acorn products on Ditto’s displays Ditto displays support the slippers during shipping Ditto displays ship flat and are assembled at factory

Acorn Displays | Worldwide

Concept Design
Brand unification and enhancement
Sustainability initiative
Logistics issues


Old hanger
Acorn, an industry leader in at home and casual footwear, came to Ditto for a solution to their many different displays methods which was causing brand confusion. They needed a hanger that would support their products during shipping from the factory and would help their brand stand out in the marketplace. Acorn also wanted a display that reflected their environmental and sustainable business philosophy.


Ditto designed proprietary displays for Acorn’s that effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability and style. The new design:
Took up 91.70% less space to ship and warehouse than the previous model
Made of 100% recycled paperboard
Cost about the same as the previous display
Ships flat and easily assembles at the factory
Unified all product with the Ditto Displays unique styling
Acorns sales increased by 30% the year Ditto hangers were introduced in 2010

Acorn’s Comments:

Sonya Purington of Acorn recently shared, “We are tremendously pleased with the new Ditto Displays. The green materials, shape and color are perfect for Acorn. Our target consumer is conscientious about their environmental impact, so putting our slippers on a (Ditto) earth-friendly hanger was natural for us, our brand and our product.”


Ditto hangers at the h2hotel Living roof of the LEED certified h2hotel Guest rooms feature organic linens with sustainable bamboo flooring

h2hotel | In Room Garment Displays

Brand communication
Sustainability initiative
Gold LEED certification


The eco-chic h2hotel in downtown Healdsburg wanted to communicate to its guests the hotel’s ecological philosophy, as well as satisfy LEED certification requirements by using recycled and sustainable materials to design, build and run the hotel.


Old hanger
h2hotel Ditto 5-Pack
Ditto’s 17” Multi-Use Paper Display is used in all 36 rooms of the h2 hotel. Branded with the h2 hotel logo, the Ditto Paper Displays communicate elegance, simplicity, environmentalism and innovation.

The h2hotel liked the fact that the Ditto Displays made a simple and quiet statement about the hotel’s commitment to ecological design and hospitality. Many guests have liked the Ditto Displays so much they have taken home the branded hangers. The h2 hotel is now selling 5-Packs of the branded Ditto Displays to their guests in their gift shop to remind them of their stay at the hotel.


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